Logo Design

Many designers jump into designing logos without much thought about YOUR story.

Jade Lauren Media strives to make sure to understand your story before jumping into the design process in order to provide the ultimate logo that is sure to stick for years to come. 

So what are the Logo Design steps?


The Brief (1-2hrs):

During the brief, I’m here to find out what the story behind your brand or product is. This is also known as the consultation period between the business owner/decision makers and Jade Lauren Media.

The consultation usually takes an hour or so, during this time understanding is built regarding you, your business and your industry. Different questions are asked to assist in this, ranging from anything like, Why do you do what you do? How does your business stand in relation to other competitors? Who are your competitors? What marketing history does your business have (if established)? What marketing has been done? What do you think worked during the marketing process and what didn’t? Who is your target audience? Is there a unique story behind your business or its name? What 5 words best describe your company?

Depending on your business and industry the questions vary and can become more specific to your industry.

Benefit: By knowing and understanding your story, Jade Lauren Media can provide unique designs that tell your story in a way that correlates with your business, targeting your industry visually.

Logo Research (1hr):

After our consultation, Jade Lauren media will begin independent research, researching the logos of your competitors as well as imagery, designs and colours that all resonate with your industry and target audience. Once the research has been completed Jade Lauren Media will have a clear understanding of your brand identity.

Benefit: By researching what designs are resonating with your industry and audience, we can provide you with clear industry specific visuals. Its better to be able to see it than hear it.


Logo Proposal/Quotation (1hr): 

The proposal stage allows Jade Lauren Media to bring forward everything learnt during the brief and research stage. This is the moment you can tell me what you like and don’t like about designs that are used within your industry. Here is where a quote will also be given about what will be provided to you during the logo process.

Benefit: Upon this point all work done (3-4hrs) is free of charge to you. Jade Lauren Media believes that in order to do the job right, understanding clear objectives, your story and designs that you love whilst also resonating with your industry and target audience, is extremely important for the process to run smoothly.


Logo Concept Sketching (2-8hrs):

This step can be fast with dozens of ideas bursting onto a page before some great choices appear. Sketching will continue until at least five designs have the potential to represent your story in a logo.

Benefit: If the design doesn’t work in the sketch stage, it usually isn’t worth trying to develop further. Sketching is an important part of the process because as you know, your first idea is never your best, it takes variations and multiple manipulations before you are happy with one design. It also saves time during the development stage, with room for change before digitalising designs. Remember that the computer is only a tool, its the designers brain thats the power house.

Logo Design (2-4hrs): 

The final sketches are reproduced on the computer using advanced design software. This allows Jade Lauren Media to play with variations of the same design, to further branch out your logos development.

Different themes, fonts, colours, and graphics will be trialled to best suit your logo as well as customisation to provide uniqueness for your business only. By the end of this process Jade Lauren media will provide you with at least 4 individual logo designs for you to choose from.

Logo Testing (1-2hrs):

The logo designs will then be tested with various images, colours and sizes. This will make sure your logo’s design will work across a number of mediums including business cards, websites, press advertising and marketing material.


Benefits: This process eliminates issues later down the track where a logo will be reproduced at a small size therefore losing detail. 


Logo Presentation (1hr):

During the Logo presentation, the designs will be shown and objectives will be explained along side each design, so you can make an informed decision on which design best suits your business.

Benefits: By meeting face to face, Jade Lauren media can explain the final designs and reasons behind each design, discussing what you think and resolve any issues that may arise.

Logo Alterations *if required (1-2 hours):

Any final changes are made to the chosen design if required.

Final Logo Suite – Finished Artwork (1hr):

The final logo suite will be provided to the client which would usually include;
Logo variations – including primary logo design as well as colour reversals.
Colour variations – including greyscale/black & white and used colour codes.
File Formats – including Ai, PDF, PNG, JPG files with many others on request.

Benefits: This allows you as a client to print and used through many different mediums with no impact to colour