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Social Media is often overlooked, but is one of the most powerful marketing tools to promote your business in todays society.

For greater brand awareness and social media growth, Jade Lauren Media would LOVE to help build your businesses brand on a daily basis offering strategy services and full management of social media networks, in order to integrate your brands image cohesively. Working together we can enhance your brands, subscribers, followers and engagement.


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Jade Lauren Media offers a range of different website designs to maximise online customer experience, delivering sophisticated websites for all your digital marketing needs. In extension to this offer, Jade Lauren Media can offer full content solutions for your website including, photography, copywriting, video production and social media management.

Jade Lauren Media looks forward to working with you and bringing one of the most significant parts of your business to life.

Jade Lauren Media is constantly being inspired and challenged by new trends in this forever changing workplace, producing high quality work at its best, whilst pushing boundaries to create eye-catching designs.

Jade Lauren Media loves a design challenge. I hope you think of me for Logo design, website, branding, packaging advertising and social media management-content creation. To start this exciting journey, whilst pushing and creating brand new designs specifically catered for you, contact me.



Branding is extremely important, it tells customers what they can expect from you, regarding your products, services and how you differ from your competitors.

Logo design is the foundation to your branding, as well as your website, naming, branding strategy and promotional materials, all in which should integrate your logo and overall communication of your Brand.


Your Branding strategy is where, how, when and to whom you advertise your brand too, both visually and verbally- Its about maximising opportunity!

Whether you require a new brand, a brand refresh or merging of different organisations into one brand, Jade Lauren Media can help you. Working together, we can learn about your brand vision, objectives, customers and target market. Through genuine passion and experience in both strategy and collaboration- groundbreaking and ‘Edgy’ results can be obtained.

Jade Lauren Media looks forward to discussing your branding!